Vented Gas Cabinet

vented gas cabinet

Vented Gas Cabinets

Vented gas cabinets are specifically designed to safely transport volatile gases and liquids such as acetylene in your van. Protect yourself and those around you from unnecessary gas leakage which could lead to explosions.

The RolaShelf gas bottle cabinets carry many different sizes of bottles from small LPG cylinders through to D and E size ozy/acetylene cylinders that comply with OH&S requirements. The cabinets are suitable for all trade vehicles and all industry applications. They are made of durable and corrosion proof material and provide easy access and removal of bottles.

gas cabinet


  • Rubber inserts for stability
  • Adjustable securing straps for different size bottles
  • Door can be hinged to the right or the left to suit your van
  • Safety and warning signage inside cabinet
  • Fully sealed with exterior ventilation
  • Supplied with fittings for multiple use
  • Independent floor mounting

Don’t risk traveling without the right storage of flammable gases and liquids in your van. Talk to us about a proper van fit out for your safety and peace of mind.