Toyota Hiace LWB Van Shelving Packages

Toyota Hiace LWB 2005-2018 Van Shelving Packages

We have Toyota Hiace LWB Van Shelving Packages for Builders, Plumbers and Electricians.

Our range of shelving to suit the 2019 ALL NEW HIACE will be available shortly. Click HERE for more info.

Improve your working day – get organised and be efficient. All van shelving packages are customisable and can be changed to suit your specific trade and working day requirements. See below for some ideas on layouts and package prices.

Builders Package

Builders Van Shelving Pack – $2299.00 fitted (inc GST)

The Builder’s Van Shelving Packages features three bays of shelving containing a variety of shelves with plastic tubs to suit many different sized items.

There is the option to purchase the package excluding the plastic tubs, bringing the approximate price to $1799.00 fitted inc GST.

Pack reference no: 10136

Electrician Package

Plumbers Van Shelving Pack (Single post frame) Ring For Pricing

The Plumbers Van Shelving Pack includes three bays of shelving fitted with a variety of shelves with plastic tubs to suit large to small items.

Pack reference no: 10139