Rhino Small Ladder Peg (RSLP)

small ladder peg

Rhino Small Ladder Peg (RSLP)

RRP: $19.00

The Small Ladder Peg is designed to secure your ladder and tie down any extra gear on your heavy duty roof racks.

Rhino Small Ladder Peg (RSLP)

The two-in-one designed small ladder peg allows you to support your ladder from sliding and well as providing a tie off point when you are securing your load.

The small pegs are 75mm/3in height and feature an eye bolt head to allow easy tie off.

Comes as a pair, they have been designed to fit perfectly to your Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty bar.



  • Allows you to position your ladder
  • Provides a tie off point
  • Simple fitting
  • Fitting Hardware included
  • 75mm/3in height


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