Rhino Rack S512 Folding J Style Kayak Carrier

Rhino S512 J Style kayak carrier

Rhino Rack S512 Folding J Style Kayak Carrier

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The Folding J Style Kayak Carrier is designed to transport your kayak or canoe on the side to save space allowing for a second watercraft to be mounted on the other side of your roof racks dependant on the length of your crossbars. Attached to a S512X extension piece, it is possible to carry up to 4 kayaks or canoes on your roof racks depending on the length of your crossbars.

  • Warranty: 3 years

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Rhino Rack Folding J Style Kayak Carrier (S512)


The Folding J Style Kayak Carrier transports your watercraft on it’s side to minimise width, allowing other sporting equipment or luggage carriers to be mounted on the roof rack system of most vehicles. With this fully adjustable system you are now able to flatten the carrier when not in use. The advantage here is now you can enter height-limited areas such as car parks, where you may have been restricted with other kayak carriers. Kit includes 2 cradles.

Fitting directly to the Rhino Aero crossbar, the screw to tighten mechanism is quick and easy. The Folding J Style Kayak Carrier will also fit to the Rhino Heavy Duty crossbars, with the use of the KC-FK8 Fitting Kit, and the Euro crossbars with the use of the KC-FK10 Fitting Kit. There is also a Fitting Kit KC-FK9 to attach the Kayak Carrier to the Rola Rack and old Commercial bars.

The space saving design enables you to mount other accessories such as a luggage carrier to transport extra gear. The design also includes a cradle for carrying paddles.

The Universal fitment allows the S512 to be compatible with all current roof rack systems with specific fitting kits.

Whether you’re out paddling by yourself or with others, the S512 Folding J Style Kayak Carrier has you covered so you can enjoy the most out of your day.

The S512 comes with all the necessary accessories to get you started including: 2 cradles, stainless steel hardware, rubber tube padding and 4 tie down straps.



  • Universal fitment – fits most popular brand of roof rack crossbars
  • Space saving design to fit more onto your racks
  • Steel tubing with coating protection
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to go
  • A built in cradle is available to hold your paddles
  • An S512X Extension piece can be purchased to carry an extra watercraft



Kayak Type:  All
Loading Style:  Side
Number of Kayaks:  1
Extensions:  Available
Kayak Carrier Type: Cradle Folding

Fits bar type:  Aero
                                Heavy duty



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