Rhino Eye Bolt Kit (REB)

Rhino Eye Bolt Kit (REB)

RRP: $28.00

The Rhino-Rack Eye Bolt is used as a tie off point when securing your load. Being compatible with many of Rhino-Rack’s accessories it is one of our most widely used bolts. The REB kit includes 2 Eye Bolts which mount directly to Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty bars and are made from corrosion resistant galvanised steel.

Rhino Eye Bolt Kit (REB)

Used as a tie off point when securing your load, the Rhino-Rack Eye Bolt consists of 2 Eye Bolts and is one of the most popular accessories in its range.

  • Easy to install
  • Used as a tie off point
  • Compatible with many Rhino-Rack accessories
  • Made from non corrosive galvanised steel
  • Includes 2 Eye Bolts



Fits Bar Type: Heavy Duty Bar

Warranty: 1 year


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