Rhino Alloy Roller (680mm/27inches) (RR680)

alloy roller

Rhino Alloy Roller (680mm/27inches) (RR680)

RRP: $109.00

The Rhino-Rack Alloy Roller is a great way to get your ladders on and off your Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty roof racks with only a small amount of effort required.

Rhino Alloy Roller (680mm/27inches) (RR680)

Made from a heavy duty alloy and supplied with a black plastic cover, the roller comes with a pair of roller bushes and brackets to attach to your Heavy Duty bar. The RR680 is a compact roller measuring at 680mm (27″) in length. It is also a cost effective way of getting your ladder on your racks without a full ladder system. Simply attach the Alloy Roller to your bar and roll your ladder onto your racks.



  • Smooth rolling surface is ideal for loading ladders, pipes, wood and more
  • Simple fitting
  • Fitting Hardware included
  • Recommended maximum carrying capacity is 42kg / 93lb
  • Compatible with heavy duty roof racks


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