Webasto Diesel Heaters


Webasto Diesel Heaters Repair Service & Installation Agent –

Roof Rack City offers full service and installation of Webasto Diesel Heaters including:

Airtop – Air heaters
Thermo Top – Water Heaters ( or combination air heater)
Dual Top – Combination Air and Water heaters

All diesel heaters will require servicing at some point in their life. Roof Rack City has Webasto trained staff that are able to diagnose, service and repair the full range of Webasto Diesel Heaters. We are equipped with the latest Webasto Thermo Test (WTT) diagnostic software to provide real time diagnostic information for Webasto heaters.

Any diesel heater that shows signs of exhaust smoke or has issues starting will generally require a burner replacement. We stock burners for the most popular Webasto diesel heaters and can generally have non-stock parts within a few days.

Most heaters can be serviced within 2 working days and our servicing includes full diagnostic check and minimum 1 hour bench run with diagnostic report.

We specialise in caravan diesel heaters, camper trailer diesel heaters and RV diesel heaters.

Webasto Heater Authorised Installation Agent

Roof Rack City offers full service and installation of Webasto Diesel Air and Water Heaters including Airtop, Thermotop and Dual Top Heaters.


AIR TOP – Space air heating solutions

Enjoy precise and constant temperatures inside your motorhome or caravan in any weather conditions.

Webasto air heaters provide continuous heating power output via stepless modulation. The heater operates quietly while consuming minimal electrical power and fuel. The Air Top is generally best located in a low cupboard or under a box bed or seat inside the vehicle.

The integrated altitude sensor constantly ensures an optimal combustion process in altitudes up to 2,200m – under lower air pressure and with a lower oxygen ratio. The Air Top Evo models feature an in-built air pressure sensor as standard whereas the Air Top 2000 ST model is offered with an optional altitude switch. Choose between the models Air Top 2000ST, EVO 40 and EVO 55.

Webasto’s range of air heaters provide:

  • Short heat-up times
  • Low noise operation
  • Stepless power modulation to maintain constant cabin temperature
  • Very compact heaters for easy and fast installation inside the vehicle
  • Available as a complete installation kit for quick and simple retrofitting
  • Automatic altitude adjustment (AAA) as standard feature in Evo range

The Air Top 2000ST, the most popular air heater in small to medium sized caravans, uses a simple rotary dial thermostat control (shown below) which starts, controls the temperature and shuts the heater down.



THERMO TOP – Water heating solutions

The Thermo Top is a version of the popular Webasto parking heater adapted to the specific needs of caravan, motorhome and camper trailer enthusiasts.

The system heats up a water glycol mix in a buffer tank and uses this hot glycol to heat water through a plate heat exchanger. A second heat exchanger fitted with a two-speed fan can be added to direct warm air directly to the interior of the vehicle. This way the cabin is automatically heated up and the entire vehicle interior can be used.

The heater is operated using the digital timer (shown below) with one button startup and shutdown of the heater or integrated timer shutdown.


Dual Top – Combination Air and Water Heaters

Do you have questions on installing or servicing a heater for your motorhome or caravan?

Roof Rack City can provide advice regarding installation, repair and servicing of Webasto heating systems.

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