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Roof Rack City Adelaide has a comprehensive range of Ute Lids and Ute Liners and Mats from Australia’s leading suppliers including EGR and TUFF TONNEAUS.

Ute Lids come in a broad range of finishes, from the humble vinyl tonneau cover or the practical TUFF LID from TUFF TONNEAUS, right through to the range of specialist smooth ute lids from EGR.

Our range of ute liners from TUFF TONNEAUS are designed to protect your ute or tray from the day-to-day punishment dished out on in your average work day, our Tuff liners give you all the protection you need!

Resistant to damage caused by impacts, scratching and spills, our high quality, heavy duty polyethylene liner is just the go to absorb nasty impacts, paint or chemicals, oil, petrol, even battery acid. A skid-reduction layer helps to prevent your cargo from slipping about.

Custom-moulded to fit snugly to the contours of your vehicle, it will help it stay looking good for years to come. Available for most makes and models in both over the-rail and under-the-rail designs, Tuff Liners non-drill fastening systems allow you to keep the original tie-down hooks.

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TUFF TONNEAUS – Ute Lids & Liners

TUFF TONNEAUS range of ute lids includes soft vinyl tonneau covers, the new EZ-Top semi-soft tonneau, where you get the “lid look” at the tonneau price, the TUFF LID, with its strong aluminium frame and soft vinyl feel and single point lock right through to the moulded hard lids and Lazerbacks which give you both great looks and security in one unit.

TUFF’s range of ute liners will protect your ute and load from damage.

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Ford Ranger XL 1P hard tonneau - painted

EGR Ute Lids / Hard Lids

EGR Auto is the market leader in the design, development and manufacture of A class painted Hard Lids. Manufactured from a tough yet lightweight and highly durable ABS/Polycarbonate material EGR Auto’s Hard Lids are uniquely styled for each vehicle.

Available in either a smooth robotically painted colour finish, unpainted (ready to paint) smooth finish, or in an unpainted textured finish, EGR’s Hard Lids are fully lockable and feature twin gas struts for ease of opening and a quick release hinge pin system that enables the covers to be removed in seconds! Remote central locking is also available on some units.

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Ute Liners

TUFF Ute Liners are custom moulded to fit a wide range of different vehicles and are built tough to withstand the day-to-day punishment of even the harshest trades. The liner is UV protected, durable, hard wearing and designed with protecting your ute bed in mind.

Constructed of Heavy duty polyethylene makes the liner resistant to damage caused by scratching and spills, paint or chemicals, oil, petrol and even hard impacts. Your Ute bed will stay protected and looking pristine for years to come. Installation is by way of a non drill fastening system that still enables you to use the factory original tie down hooks.

Features from TUFF include a 3 year warranty and Skid reduction technololgy to keep your cargo in place.

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