Ute Lids & Tonneau Covers

Roof Rack City Adelaide has a comprehensive range of Ute Lids and Tonneau Covers from Australia’s leading suppliers including EGR and TUFF TONNEAUS.

Ute Lids come in a broad range of finishes, from the humble vinyl tonneau cover or the practical TUFF LID from TUFF TONNEAUS, right through to the range of specialist smooth EGR single piece and 3 piece ute lids as well as the new EGR RollTrac electric retractable ute lid.

Our Brands

blue px ranger ute with egr soft tonneau cover

TUFF TONNEAUS – Ute Lids Tonneau Covers

TUFF TONNEAUS range of ute lids includes soft vinyl tonneau covers, the new EZ-Top semi-soft tonneau, where you get the “lid look” at the tonneau price, the TUFF LID, with its strong aluminium frame and soft vinyl feel and single point lock right through to the moulded hard lids and Lazerbacks which give you both great looks and security in one unit.

TUFF’s range of ute liners will protect your ute and load from damage.

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EGR Ute Lids / Hard Lids

EGR Auto is the market leader in the design, development and manufacture of A class painted Hard Lids. Manufactured from a tough yet lightweight and highly durable ABS/Polycarbonate material EGR Auto’s Hard Lids are uniquely styled for each vehicle.

Available in either a smooth robotically painted colour finish, unpainted (ready to paint) smooth finish, or in an unpainted textured finish, EGR’s Hard Lids are fully lockable and feature twin gas struts for ease of opening and a quick release hinge pin system that enables the covers to be removed in seconds! Remote central locking is also available on some units.

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EGR RollTrac

EGR RollTrac, the tonneau cover which has it all.  A fully-electric roll cover which integrates with your vehicle’s remote central locking, it features on-board controls, a smart ECU, and a multi-speed gearbox. The all-aluminium construction provides a hardcore, tough and stylish solution to your storage requirements. will keep your load area safe, secure and dry regardless of it’s day-to-day environment.

Engineered to rigorous global standards and awarded ten international patents, the EGR RollTrac features best-in-class security and smart technology.

Made from scratch resistant lightly textured black powder coated aluminium, the EGR RollTrac is also UV Stable and will not fade over time. All external components of the EGR RollTrac are aluminium and the internal components are fully serviceable and self lubricating to ensure your EGR RollTrac slides and glides on every operation.

Electrically Operated and Secure with Remote Central Locking as standard.

  • Best-in-class security means your valuable cargo is safe from intruders. The EGR RollTrac integrates seamlessly with your central locking system, and includes tailgate locking as standard.
  • Sturdy claw hook style latches lock the cover firmly against your tailgate, resisting entry with over 200kg of pulling force.
  • With no external fasteners present – The EGR RollTrac cannot be disassembled to gain access to your stored items. Its aluminium interlocking slats will stand up to attempted forced entry, keeping both intruders and the elements away from your vehicle’s load area.
  • Push button, on-board operation, so there is no need for you to add an annoying second remote to your key chain to use the electric opening feature of the cover. With buttons neatly integrated into the side rails, and located in the rear corner on both sides of the EGR RollTrac, you can open and close the cover in any position along the track, from any side of the vehicle.
  • Once your vehicle is locked, the buttons on the EGR RollTrac de-activate to prevent use while your vehicle is inactive, locked and secure. Simply unlock your vehicle using your factory remote and the EGR RollTrac is able to be opened and closed in any position, from each side of the load area.

Accessory Integration
EGR will also offer a range of Sports Bar Adaptor Kits to allow the OEM Sports Bar that was included on your vehicle, to integrate seamlessly onto your new EGR RollTrac. Using injection moulded foot cups, the Sports Bar will look like it was always meant to be included in tandem with your new EGR RollTrac
EGR RollTrac has a T-Channel as standard along each side for all aftermarket racking options. Whether you want to put a pair of cross bar style racks, bike carriers or even a platform rack, these items will integrate within the standard EGR RollTrac side channeling. This provides the user with an increased load capacity of 150kg by loading items on-top of the EGR RollTrac.

Dust? EGR have also developed a range of Dust Defense Kits to seal the perimeter of your tailgate and act as a defensive barrier, stopping dust and water spray from wet roads from entering your load area under your EGR RollTrac.

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