Sunroofs Adelaide – Installation, Enhancements, Customisation

Sunroof City Adelaide is Adelaide’s car enhancement and customisation company of choice.

Established in 1989, Sunroof City is Adelaide’s only sunroof installation company and has a rich history of long-lasting relationships with all of its customers. Sunroof City is uniquely placed to balance a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, with cutting edge innovation and technological trends.

Sunroof City installs the same sunroofs as fitted by HSV, HBD and FPV (factory) and we also install sunroofs in a wide range of vehicles through our dealership network, to a factory perfect finish. Webasto Hollandia are the premium quality sunroof in the industry and carry a 3 year parts and labour warranty Australia wide.

Why Us?

  • One of the oldest installers of car accessories in Adelaide
  • Sunroof City only sell quality products
  • We install a wide range of products to suit all makes and models of vehicles
  • We only install well known brands and products that are backed by the “Manufacturers Warranty” as well as our warranty


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