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We know that you need to have the best when it comes to camping, that’s why we stock a range of Fridges and 4WD Drawers designed to make your life easier when out on an adventure.

Having a fridge on board for a camping trip enables you to keep perishable foods and cool drinks for long trips. As sometimes fridges can be heavy and hard to access, there are products designed to help you access your fridge easily and safely.

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Engel portable fridge-freezers  are hard wearing, having been tested in the harsh Australian Outback. Engel boast of first class reliability and power consumption and have engineered their fridge-freezers to have the ability to work up to a 30 degree angle.

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MSA create the worlds best selling drop slides as well as a range of innovative products designed to make your trips away as easy as possible. The world renowned drop slides allow you store your fridge or toolbox that is on an elevated level by cleverly using a roller track and gas struts to lower your fridge or toolbox 30 centimetres when you need to view and access the contents. The brand also manufactures all different types of bags and storage pockets as well as heavy duty seat covers.

Click HERE to see if MSA makes a slide to suit your fridge.

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