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Roof Mounted Bike Carriers

Largest Range of Bike Racks in Adelaide

Whether you need to carry your bike on the roof or the rear of your vehicle, we have a range of bike racks to suit your budget.

Our experienced staff, who are also cyclists, will advise you about the options available and help you find a solution for your bike carrying needs. Due to the range available, a number of other bike racks are not listed here but are on display in our store.

Feel free to bring in your bike and try out our racks to see which one is best for you.

We also Hire Bike Racks

We have a range of bike racks for hire depending on your vehicle make and model. Call us before your next trip to discuss your needs and find out whether we have a bike rack to suit your car. You can also visit our hire page.

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Roof Mounted

There are two main types of Roof Mounted Bike Carriers, Fork Mount or Wheel On Carriers. Both types have an option to lock the bikes on the roof, protecting your pride and joy against theft.

Fork Mount Bike Racks

Fork Mount Bike Racks sit your bike slightly lower on the roof of your car than what a Wheel On rack would. Although you have to remove the front wheel of your bike, there is the option of wheel carriers that also mount to the roof of your vehicle. The fork mount option is not suitable for all bikes, specifically those which have Hydraulic brakes. However, Whispbar provide options for unique bikes, including the only locking through axle 15mm step up adaptor on the market.

Wheel On Bike Racks

For those who love an off road adventure, Wheel On carriers mean that you don’t have to store your dirty wheel inside your car after a day in the mud. Not having to take the wheel off makes loading and unloading quick and easy, giving you more time to get out and ride.

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Towbar Mounted

Towbar mounted bike racks are available in two different designs, platform or hanging. Some carriers are only suitable for square hitch style Towbars, whilst others fit over the top of your towball.

Hanging Towbar

Hanging Towbar bike racks generally strap around the top tube of your bike. This bike transport option works best for conventional bikes with a straight top tube, although it is not recommended for carbon fibre frames. Adaptors are available to fit step through style or slanted top tube bikes enabling you to transport almost any shape bike. Some racks tilt or swing for quick rear of vehicle access.

Platform Carriers


Platform carriers have the ability to carry a multitude of different bikes, from carbon racing rigs to your every day cruiser. As the name suggests, the wheels of the bike are strapped on to a platform and an arm extends from the unit that supports the bike. The carriers are simple to fit and remove from the towball. This style of rack has the ability to tilt out of your way whilst the bikes are loaded, allowing you to easily access the rear of your car. A stand out feature of the platform carrier is the integrated rear lights and number plate mount for optimal visibility and safety.

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Rear Clip On

With no permanent fixtures, rear clip on bike carriers provide an option to carry bikes on your Hatchback vehicle without having to install roof racks or a tow bar. It is essential to have one of our professional team members size and fit the rack as it may not suit vehicles with spoilers or aluminium tailgates.

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307130_2 caravan


Perfect for the travelling lifestyle, fixing a bike rack to your caravan enables you to maximise space for all of your holidaying needs. The bike rack is tucked away over the draw bar and fully tiltable, giving you access to your storage space whilst installed. The bikes wheels are strapped in and sit on a platform and the stabilising bars for each bike extend out from the base unit.

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yakima biker bar

Other Options

Along with our wide range of rooftop carriers, we also stock and fit a range bike carriers that enable you to transport bikes with your Ute. There are options for both on Ute lid and in tray transportation.

Bike rack number plates & lights

SA Government Legislation requires that if you have a bicycle rack attached to the back of your car – you’ll need a bike rack number plate. A bike rack plate must be displayed if a bicycle rack obscures your rear number plate. If your rear number plate is not easily visible, you are driving illegally.


You can either:

          • Fit a BIKE RACK NUMBER PLATE or
          • Remove the existing plate from the rear of the car and fit it to the bike rack

The BIKE RACK PLATE is the same as your vehicle plate number but it has black lettering on a white reflective background with the slogan ‘SA CYCLE INSTEAD’ on the bottom of the number plate.

Between sunset and sunrise or during periods of poor visibility, the number plate on the rack must be illuminated with a white light, making the number clearly visible from a distance of 20 metres. This light must not project light to the rear of the vehicle, other than reflected light.

When you are carrying bicycles on your rack, if the brake lights or indicators on the motor vehicle are not visible from a distance of 200 metres under normal weather conditions, you must attach additional lighting to the rack, which is visible from 200 metres.

Bike Plates can be ordered either in person at Service SA centres or DTEI Motor Registration offices. Alternatively they can be ordered online at