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At Roof Rack City we understand the importance of quality and safety when it comes to your lighting needs for work and recreation. We offer a range of work lights, rotating beacons, strobe lights and internal lighting.

Narva is renowned as one of the leading automotive lighting brands. From 4WD to Trade needs, they’re bound to have a product to suit your lighting and auto accessory demands.

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Light Bars

Slimline yet powerful, Narva light bars are available in a range of lumen capacity from 9800 to 27000. These bars deliver stunningly bright white light from 5 watt ‘Cree’ L.E.Ds, which are coupled with a precision reflector to create an intense spot beam. The bars comprise of extruded aluminium with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses built for even the toughest driving adventures.
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Rotating Beacons

For commercial and construction use, Narva have Strobe/Rotating Beacons. They are available in low profile and high profile with a flange base, magnetic base or with a flexible pipe mount. Features include modern, stylish design, unique L.E.D optics and 6 selectable flash patterns. The units are suitable for all sorts of rough conditions being vibration resistant and constructed of strong components.
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Work Lights

If you’re after an extremely bright and heavy duty work light, look no further than Narva’s display of low draw L.E.D lights. For your convenience, the lights come pre-wired and have a fully sealed die-cast powder coated aluminium housing as well as stainless steel mounting hardware.
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Narva have a variety of screen printed switches for popular 4WD applications. Their range of switches include Fog Lights, Front Diff Lock, Rear Diff Lock, Compressor, Backup Lights, AUX Lights, Roof Lights and Winches. For your convenience, the switches have a 12V illuminated globe, durable, fully sealed fascia and can combine together with interconnecting switch panels for easy fitting.
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Installation options

We carry a range of wiring harnesses for those who like to DIY. If installation isn’t your cup of tea, our friendly and experienced staff are able to install your lights, switches and accessories.

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