Interior Van Lighting

van lighting

Interior Van Lighting

Interior Van Lighting will help you find your tools and organise your day easily when working.

Narva lighting was established in 1953 and is a leading supplier of automotive lighting and electrical accessories throughout Australia.

They are specialists in interior lighting for commercial van fit outs and have the most comprehensive range in Australia. Their range features incandescent, halogen and LED technologies.

van lighting

LED tape and strip lighting

Ideal for the rim of your van or recessed areas.

led van lighting

Saturn LED interior lamps

Durable and uses low current.

led strip light

LED strip lamps

Perfect for dark corners of the van and can be placed next to each other to create a strip of light.

van lighting swivel

Pendant and swivel lamps

Swivel the lamps where you need the light.

van lighting wet

WET location lamps

For lighting on the outside of the van on rainy days.

low voltage dome

Low voltage dome lamps – practical and efficient

Low voltage dome for practicality and energy efficiency.

van Lighting fluorescent

Fluorescent lights

For bright energy efficient lighting.

van lighting

Truck and Bus LED

High powered LED lighting with low current, ideal for vans.

Talk to us about a proper van fit out and make your working day easy and productive. We have been helping tradies since 1999 we know everything there is to know about setting up a van for optimum storage and functionality.