Rhino-Rack Multi Purpose Holder (RMPH2)


$52.00 $40.00

• Protective Santoperene rubber padding keeps your cargo safe from scratches

• Load Rating of up to 7kg / 15.5lb

• Frame made from strong glass reinforced nylon

• Simply snap the Multi Purpose Holder into place around your Heavy Duty or Vortex bars like a wristwatch

• Allows you to carry long thin cargo easily

• Allows you the fastest way to strap down and transport cargo

• Left or Right fastening with ease

Rhino-Rack Multi Purpose Holder (RMPH2)
Transport your Fishing rods and Kayak paddles in the summer and your Ski poles in winter easier than ever! Rhino-Racks Multi purpose holder’s robust design can cater for any need you might have for transporting those odd items that can just get in the way. Clip the rugged strap around your load and within seconds you are ready to go! The unique mounting design makes this Multi Purpose Holder suitable for all leading crossbar designs.

Model RMPH2 Fits Thule Aero/Hubco FRS
Also Available to Fit:
RMPH1- For all Euro Bars
RMPH2- For Thule Aero/Hubco FRS
RMPH3- To fit Whispbar

RMPH-To fit Heavy Duty and Vortex Style Bars
Available for $52

Other Variations

For Heavy duty and Vortex Style Bars