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Roof Rack City Adelaide have been fitting out vans for Adelaide tradespeople for over 10 years. We have a comprehensive showroom, installation service and experienced staff that can advise you on the best way to equip your van for your trade.

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See our Van Fit Outs, Shelving Ideas & Suggested Layouts. All designs are modular and can be customised to suit your needs. Our services offer the ultimate solutions in storage, encompassing cases, case frames, case kits, shelving and van storage to suit all tradesmen, technicians and your service requirements.

  • Expert Advice on van fit outs for your trade
  • Guidance on accessories and layout to make your workday easier
  • Installation and design to suit your work style
  • Getting you out in the field faster

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Visit us at 37 Gilbert Street, Adelaide. Our staff offer expert advice to help you choose the right products and guide you on the best way to fit out your van. We have installed from simple to complex modular layouts that include many variations depending on requirements.

Roof Rack City Adelaide incorporates a comprehensive showroom, installation service, combined with experienced staff that understand and recognise today’s vehicle storage needs.

We supply the RolaShelf brand of shelving and accessories for all trades. RolaShelf have been supporting tradies for over 40 years with their excellent range of van fit out options and pre-packaged modular fit outs to suit any trade.

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Van Shelving Packages

For the ultimate starter pack for your van, a number of van shelving packages are available. There are packages to suit Toyota Hiace, Hyundai iLoad, Fiat Scudo, Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes Benz Vito and more. These packages can be modified to suit a range of different vehicles and all fit outs are fully customisable to get you on the road with the ideal set up for your work. Speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss your specific needs and vehicle specifications.

Toyota Hiace | Hyundai iLoad | Fiat Scudo | Volkswagen Transporter | Mercedes Benz Vito | Volkswagen Caddy | Renault Trafic

Click HERE to view our list of Van Shelving packages


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Van Shelving

At Roof Rack City, we supply the RolaShelf brand of shelving and accessories for all trades. RolaShelf have been supporting tradies for over 40 years with their excellent range of van fit out options and pre-packaged modular fit outs to suit any trade.

Some of the features of a RolaShelf fit out include:

  • Workman kits – electrical, locksmith, plumbing, general service
  • Economy shelving and heavy duty shelving
  • Specific compartments, additional special purpose hooks
  • Cable drum holders
  • Lockable boxes
  • Grab handles and air vents
  • 5mm solid rubber mats to stop your load sliding and protect your van floor

For further information about the RolaShelf and RolaCase products you can visit their website HERE.

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Van Flooring

For protection of your van floor and your trade gear, we install RolaShelf van flooring to your specifications. Their flooring options include timber flooring made of 12mm panel coated ply and marine grade carpet to cover your floor for a fully professional look and extra protection. RolaShelf also make plywood wall lining and rubber mats to fit snug on the floor to stop your load from sliding around.

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Cargo Barriers

Milford have a range of cargo barriers available, which are essential for the safety of you and your passengers. In the event of a collision or sudden stop, the cargo barrier will prevent items from entering the cabin and possibly causing injury.
Click HERE to use the Milford product selector and see what cargo barrier will suit for your van.

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Sliding shelf

Cargo Slides and Drawers

RolaShelf and RolaCase have a range of slides and drawers for your vehicle. The sliding platforms extend out the side or the back of the vehicle giving you easy access and extra space for storage, you can easily secure RolaCase drawers or other equipment to the platform for the ultimate space-saving combination. The drawers provide extra security with their lockable function and sturdy construction meaning your tools will be safe.

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Interior Lighting

Narva lighting can provide the extra light you need when you’re searching for tools and equipment in your van. We can help find the best options for you and install the lights to get you out in the field faster.

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Van Roof or Floor Vents

UES International have a range of roof and floor vents that will keep your van ventilated and fresh. Ventilation in your van is a must have to disperse fumes or unwanted smells. Along with the air vents, we also carry a range of vented gas cabinets which are an essential safety feature for those carrying objects with strong fumes or flammable goods.

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Have a look at some of the options for your vehicle in the gallery section below. These give you some suggested layouts for each vehicle and serve as a guide to van fit outs for some popular trade vans. All the systems are modular, so we can change them to suit your requirements.